[Video] The LinkedIn Lowdown with Charlie Whyman

LinkedIn has grown drammatically over the last few years and can be an invaluable source of leads. But how do you get the best out of LinkedIn?
In the latest episode of The Savvy Marketing Show, I’m having a chat with LinkedIn expert Charlie Whyman. We talk about the biggest mistakes made by LinkedIn users, how to grow your network and a very handy app feature to use at networking events.

GDPR and Facebook

How GDPR Will Affect Your Interactions with Facebook Facebook is the perfect marketplace to enable small businesses to interact with their customers and target new ones. Unfortunately, this usually necessitates the sharing of information, and if this is personal data related to European citizens then it falls under the remit of GDPR. In order to

Why Should I Use Facebook Ads?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently who has his own one-man business. He told me that he should really get a Facebook business page set up, but he has no interest in Facebook at all. I told him what I tell many of my clients who come to me to get started on social media marketing – you may not want to be on Facebook, but there are around 1.5 billion other people who are…and that’s a lot of potential customers! I’ve heard people say that they simply refuse to have anything to do with Facebook because they don’t agree with it. The simple message is, “Don’t ignore Facebook!”