GDPR and Website Cookies

How Does GDPR Affect Your Use of Cookies? While GDPR doesn’t necessarily affect current cookie laws as such at the moment, there are considerations that have to be taken into account on the occasions where cookies include personal data. If they do, then GDPR will come into play and consequently affect how consent should be

GDPR and Facebook

How GDPR Will Affect Your Interactions with Facebook Facebook is the perfect marketplace to enable small businesses to interact with their customers and target new ones. Unfortunately, this usually necessitates the sharing of information, and if this is personal data related to European citizens then it falls under the remit of GDPR. In order to

Tips On How To Protect Your Website From Hackers

A word that has been very much in the news of late is “hacking”. Away from the seedy world of unscrupulous journalists breaking into celebrity voicemail accounts, hacking is an everyday occurrence on the web. Some big names have been hit over the last year. Adobe recently had to inform no less than 38 million of its active users that account usernames and passwords had been stolen from their systems. Others who have been infiltrated include Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, the New York Times, and the US broadcaster NBC.