Email Marketing – Part 3: Content

In the last couple of articles we’ve been looking at how you can make the most of your email marketing. The types of emails that you send out can be wide and varied: you may be sharing information, sending offers and promotions, building your network, etc. Whatever the type of email that you send, remember what we touched on last time: have a clear objective in mind for your campaigns. A key way to achieving this is to keep it simple.

Email Marketing – Part 2: Aims & Objectives

Whenever you send out an email campaign you should have a clear objective in mind for it. So, ask yourself what you need to achieve with it: are you looking to get repeat business from existing customers, or perhaps you want to nurture leads. Once you have established this, set some more precise goals. If you’ve exhibited at a trade show and have collected contact details from new prospects, you could be sending them follow-up information, with the goal being that they request more specific details.

Email Marketing – Part 1: An Introduction To Email Marketing

Nowadays, there are so many ways of keeping in touch with people. If you use social media, how many times each day do you think you check your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. feeds? A fair few I’d imagine. Now tell me how many times a day you check your emails? Even with the plethora of social media available, email is still a key way of communicating with people…and customers. Email testing and tracking providers Litmus reported last year that 38% of emails are opened on a smartphone. That figure has likely to have increased by now. So, with even easier access to our emails, we’re checking them more and more often.