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What’s In A Domain Name?

You may not know what Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) are, but you’ll have seen plenty of them. They’re the .com, .net, etc. website addresses that you see. They are also the latest way to personalise your business’ domain name. There is an almost overwhelming number of domain endings to choose from; over 1000 have been released, some which may be directly related to the products or services you offer. Examples of these include, .photographer, .construction, .kitchen and .plumbing.

We are moving beyond a simpler time of making the choice between .com, and .net. However, the initial addition of alternative endings such as .info and .biz didn’t really take off. Many businesses continued to select and .com, preferring to tailor the URL and business name to ensure that those Top Level Domain (TLD) options were available.

So, if .info et al didn’t take off – they currently make up less than 5% of the total market – then what makes people think that gTLDs will be more successful? On the surface domain names ending in .guru, .photographer, .writer etc. sound like the great way to differentiate your business, but what exactly are the pros and cons? Read on to find out what adopting a gTLD for your business really means.



The evidence suggests that the TLDs such as and .com – which currently has 40% of the market, even after the launch of other TLD options such as .info and .biz – will remain the most popular for now. As with any new initiative gTLDs will go through an early adopter stage before becoming mainstream. Some businesses are wary of making the move and it will take a while for customers to catch up.